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Heart Patient Success Stories

Heart attack and cardiovascular patient success stories at Methodist Health System

Heart attack survivors at Methodist Richardson Medical Center

A tale of two Eds
A remarkable heart attack survival story from Methodist Richardson: how one Ed's story helped saved another Ed's life.



Ellen Rogers Abrell – cardiac catheterization success story
Communication and collaboration helped Ellen Rogers Abrell take a diagnosis of heart disease in stride.

Gladys Banks, emergency department at heart attack success story at Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, Texas

Gladys Banks – emergency department and heart attack success story 
After treatment for a heart attack, Gladys Banks is helping inform family and friends about heart health.

Steven Bixel, double-bypass heart surgery patient success story at Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, Texas

Steven Bixel – open heart surgery success story
After his double-bypass surgery at Methodist Charlton, Steven Bixel has made serious changes to his heart health so he can live life to the fullest.


Bill Burton – Abiomed Impella® 2.5 System and angioplasty success story
“It’s a miniature heart pump that kept Bill’s heart working properly while we performed a successful angioplasty without complications.

Duggan_Richardson_75 .jpg Bill Duggan – cardiac catheterzation Success Story
Bill says. “Things work in crazy ways. If I hadn’t have wrecked my shoulder, I wouldn’t have taken that physical and found the blockage.”
AjitGeorge-sm.jpg Ajit George – cardiac catheterzation Success Story
“I thought I had died and gone to heaven.” Ajit didn’t meet his maker that day, but he did meet the man who would save his life.
Barbara-Hansen-75.jpg Barbara Hanson – Entovis Pro MRI System implant success story
"I'm back travling from school to school teaching Braille, and I've visited my son and daughter-in-law in England," Barbara says. "Nothing is stopping me now."
KristenHerrerax75.jpg Kristen Herrera – heart surgery success story
“It was so comforting,” Kristen says. “I knew I had survived and that God had plans for me.”
Larry Jones, irregular heartbeat success story at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Larry Jones – atrial fibrillation success story
Fast action at Methodist Mansfield prevented damage to Larry Jones’ heart.
JurotichFrank-x75.jpg Frank Jurotich – heart attack success story
Those small windows of time were key to Frank’s survival.
DebbieKandoll_75.jpg Debbie Kandoll – open heart surgery patient success story
“The time I have here on earth is gifted time, and I want to make sure that I am the best that I can be.”

John Kimbrell – heart bypass surgery success story
Within a few weeks of his release from cardiac rehabilitation, John was walking five miles a day. 

Marge Julian – Heart Bypass Surgery Success Story at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center in North Texas.

Marge Julian – heart bypass surgery success story
With her heart in good shape after bypass surgery at Methodist Mansfield, Marge Julian’s retirement is back on track.


Mike Moon – heart attack success story
“No matter whom I dealt with, I felt like I was the only person in the hospital. I had 100 percent of their attention.”


Jack Morrison – heart bypass surgery success story
“Thanks to Methodist Mansfield, I’m still going strong and in the game.”


James Murphy – heart attack success story
James Murphy and his wife, Lennie, are grateful to the cardiac team for replacing his heart valve.

Daphine Nielsen STEMI heart attack patient success story at Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, Texas

Daphine Nielsen – STEMI heart attack success story
After Methodist Charlton saved her from a heart attack, Daphine Nielsen found a new lease on life.


Rachel Nieting – heart patient Success Story 
“I feel that God had the paramedics and the AED in place for me when I needed them, as well as the hospital staff,” she adds, smiling. “The nurses called me their ‘miracle on the third floor.’ I liked that.”


Mona O'Connell – cardiac catherization success story
“I’m back to playing golf one to two times a week, and my husband and I are looking forward to our next cruise,” Mona says. “I’m looking even more forward to a pain-free one!”


Alex Ordaz – electrical cardioversion patient success story
“I’ve been surprised at how much easier I can breathe since the surgery and how much my speed and endurance have increased,” Alex says.


Mary Jane Phillips – guarding her heart
 “I’m glad we trusted Methodist Richardson, and we’d trust them again in a heartbeat.”

Samuel Ramos, DDS, 100th Open Heart Surgery Patient at Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, Texas Sam Ramos, DDS – open heart surgery success story
Sam Ramos, DDS can once again enjoy playing basketball with his family, thanks to a successful bypass surgery at Methodist Charlton. 
Rev. Mike Ramsdell, Heart Attack Success Story at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Rev. Mike Ramsdell – heart attack success story
After successful treatment for a heart attack at Methodist Mansfield, the Rev. Mike Ramsdell is spreading the word about heart attack symptoms.
Sandra Sanchez, heart attack patient success story at Methodist Dallas Medical Centera

Sandra Sanchez – heart attack success story
After suffering a heart attack, Sandra Sanchez learned that heart attack symptoms may different for women and is making it a priority to educate women about them. 

Michael Sorrell – Sudden Cardiac Death Success Story, Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Michael Sorrell – sudden cardiac death success story 
Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell embraces new life after surviving heart incident.


Maudie Wayne – heart attack success story
Maudie Wayne celebrates life after surviving a heart attack as she reunites with members of the Cedar Hill Fire Department and Methodist Charlton medical staff.

Roger-Jennifer Williams_x75.jpg

Roger Williams – heart attack success story
“The doctor told me I’d probably had 12 or so very small heart attacks over the last few years,” Roger says. “I didn’t think anything could surprise me more — until I found out I was going to need open heart surgery.”

June Meyer, abdominal aortic aneurysm success story at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Vascular success story

June Meyer – abdominal aortic aneurysm success story
Why you shouldn't let an aneurysm go undetected


S-ICD Heart Implant

Reneé Mackie – S-ICD heart implant success story
Reneé found out that she was going to be fitted with an S-ICD, the 53-year-old mom says she took the news in stride. 


Texas law prohibits hospitals from practicing medicine. The physicians on the Methodist Health System medical staff are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Methodist Health System.













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